Hola, hello, bonjour, privet!

My name is Mariana, middle name Arbeth. I'm a UX Designer with an extensive background in Media Studies and Visual Communications. I like iterations a lot to create memorable experiences with intentional decisions and solid reasoning.

I'm also an artist who paints, crochets, draws, builds, and is always looking to find a creative approach to a pleasant outcome. I use my design skills to turn problems into innovative and functional designs.

During my free time, you can find me exploring local coffee shops as well as finding new hobbies to try. Jewellery making, yoga, baking, you name it! My homes are Mexico City, my hometown, and Vancouver, my second home. Both places have fuelled my passion for food and adventure. As an avid traveller, I have a couple of stories in my pocket that I'd love to share with you one day over a cup of coffee ☕️

My Values


Inspiration comes from many places, people and problems. I believe where there is a problem, there is an opportunity to design a great experience. I am always curious to learn, to help, and to solve.


I've always considered myself an empath, and it is a trait very valuable in this field of UX design. I love helping people by improving their lives through design. I believe that empathy allows you to connect and understand users to keep your work centered to them.


With a Media Studies degree, I realized how great communication is the key to connecting with people around you, no matter where you go. I like analyzing people's behaviours, in order to understand them better and to get my message across for a common benefit.


I believe design should be universal, accessible, and inclusive. I strive to follow these principles in my work. I believe that these principles shape great experiences.

Don't be shy, say hello :)
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